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ND Blake



Outstanding work. Highly recommended.

Thank you Nate! I'm glad I was able to help. Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Anthony Poon



Could not be more satisfied with Dennis’s service. Prompt, reasonable and expertly done. As a side, I learnt that Dennis is a very intelligent man who left some high-flying biotechnology position to become this consummate entrepreneurial technician. Young people would be much inspired by his journey.

Thank you Anthony! I do appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to work on your Nissan! Glad to be able to help and thank you for you wonderful chat!!!

Edwin D.



Purchased a preowned white 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia last week in LA and did not notice two dents. One on a rear wheel well and another one by a rear door. Via Yelp, I selected Dennis at Auto Dent Removal and he exceeded my expectations with my vehicle. He did inform me that the dent by the wheel well was too close to the edge and would not be able to get it all smooth. He was able to work in my garage and the work was amazing. The wheel well ding is slightly still there, but it is not as not...

Nicole R.



After hitting something in a parking garage I was looking everywhere for a good rate to get my car fixed. I contacted Dennis and he responded quickly and was able to work with my schedule. He also had the best rate! He got the dent out perfectly, can't even tell there was ever a dent in the first place. I have a couple scratches and paint that I'll need to get fixed elsewhere but if you just want a dent removed Dennis does great work and I highly recommend going to him!