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Kia Sportage Large Dent Removal

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Ray D.



Awesome experience with Dennis Auto Dent Removal. Very straightforward and reasonable pricing, good customer service, and most importantly quality work. Highly recommended for any pdr needs! Thanks Dennis appreciate your work!

Debbie F.



Dennis did a fabulous job fixing a 5 inch dent and some smaller ones. He answered my initial request in 10 min and scheduled an appointment to give me an estimate as I could not get good pictures. He did the work right away. Looks great. Great work ethic.

ND Blake



Outstanding work. Highly recommended.

Thank you Nate! I'm glad I was able to help. Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Anthony L.

7/11/2022 | Downtown, Los Angeles, CA


My vehicle was recently dented by a shopping cart at the Costco. The cart left 12" creased dent on the rear fender and of course no note on the windshield. I left to cover all the expenses. Few bodyshops qouted me over $1200 to fix this damage.

Thankfully one of my colleagues used Dennis and Auto Dent Removal to fix his own car and was kind enough to share the contact. I called Dennis in the afternoon and next morning, slightly before lunch the car was fixed.

Dennis is a true craftsman!!!! Rep...