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Audi S3 Pillar Ding Repair

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Charles E.



Thank you so much for coming out in such a spur of the moment. The quality is amazing. If you were trying to impress us, you succeeded. Thank you again, and you are the man!!!

Kenny J.



Highly recommended! Dennis was very quick to respond and worked with my schedule. He was able to come to my work and fix the dent in my car in 2 hours at a very reasonable price. Very convenient service for those with a busy work schedule and don't want to drop off your car somewhere.

Stanislav Klinikov



Got a small door ding from the Costco parking lot. Someone parked a shopping cart against the door of my new Audi Q5! While it was small it definitely didn't put a smile onto my face...... In fact! As new the car is and as I meticulous I'm about my cars I was hoping to keep it as clean as long as possible! Thankfully, my wife used Dennis from Auto Dent Removal last month and was kind enough to call home and schedule an appointment. Next day after about an hour my vehicle is back in new like cond...

Neil S.



Dennis is a true professional! I had two vehicles with dents in tough locations, due to the contours of the body panels. A few other so-called professional services with hundreds of Yelp reviess told me that the repairs couldn't be done. Well, I'm here to tell you that Dennis was not only the most competitive in terms of pricing, but he managed to remove all dents to where I truly cannot tell that they were ever there! He's a mobile service provider which is, of course, very convenient.